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Cloud Corporate offers secure online access to a range of distinctive labour relations management capabilities that are aligned with international best practice.

With implementations in over 27 countries the Cloud Corporate platform meets the needs of international customer requirements with its ability to be configured for local business practices and legislation, coupled with a language translation pack for the user interface.

Developed in conjunction with leading labour lawyers, making sure that all essential and relevant matters are considered so that fair decisions are taken, and legally defensible cases are formulated.

Using our labour relations management software helps avoid unfair labour practices, constructive dismissals, unfair dismissals, and the need for labour lawyers. It also improves labour relations service delivery with fewer resources at higher degrees of compliance, consistency, and fairness.

erNavigator Corporate Benefits
  • Simple & effortless

Cloud Corporate is simple to access from anywhere, it’s reliable and secure. The user interface is easy to use with clear instructions always available. ​Cloud Corporate guides you to complete each task allowing for effortless processing.

  • Best Practice

​Cloud Corporate includes features that leading organisations use for their practice of labour relations. Immediate access to best practice is always assured and is provided at no additional cost.

  • Reduced Risk

​Cloud Corporate ensures processes are followed, valid decisions are made and outcomes are compliant, consistent and fair. ​Cloud Corporate replaces paper-based files allowing for ease of access and avoids the risk of missing files and information. ​

  • Compliance

Rules are updated automatically on ​Cloud Corporate based on changing legislation and business practice. Achieving compliance on an ongoing basis is simple and effortless. Cloud Corporate form templates save you time and guarantees legally compliant documentation at all times.

  • Fairness & Transparency

​On Cloud Corporate similar case circumstances always result in consistent and transparent outcomes for all employees. ​Cloud Corporate provides ongoing access to employee’s disciplinary profiles, so that progressive discipline is always followed, ensuring consistency and fairness.

  • Information Accessibility

With ​Cloud Corporate you have a complete view of all labour data. Because data is collected and shared more efficiently, cases can be reviewed and resolved more quickly. All information is always accessible online anytime and anywhere so that you can quickly identify adverse trends and take proactive action.

  • API’s

Your existing HR systems can be integrated with ​Cloud Corporate. ​Cloud Corporate is designed to let you build more innovative labour & employee relations solutions.

  • Flexible

Cloud Corporate is designed for enterprises that need a powerful and configurable solution to meet their specific labour relations requirements. Configure a solution to align with your organisations, policies procedures and operational practices.

  • Scalable

Cloud Corporate has been successfully implemented in both multi-location site companies and large multi-national corporations, across a broad range of industries and can be integrated with existing HR systems via standard API’s. Cloud Corporate is a modular solution. You can license the modules you need, as and when required.

Cloud Corporate provides users with a complete view of all labour and employee relations information at both at granular level as well as high level views utilizing its powerful analytical capabilities.

Labour relations cases can be accessed, reviewed and resolved more quickly as data is collected and shared more efficiently due to collabouration across the entire corporation.

Cloud Corporate determines the strategic and tactical information that is automatically channeled including the presentation of key performance metrics.

erNavigator Corporate Benefits

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