Available Modules

erNavigator Discipline

Disciplinary Misconduct

This module manages all types of disciplinary processes. Additional features allow for the management of suspensions, forensic investigations and inquiries.

Our Cloud Corporate online employee relations software manages compliance with procedures, policies and legislation. Deviations are recorded and escalated. Progressive discipline is managed and consistency and fairness measures are monitored

erNavigator Capacity Incapacity


This module manages performance-related issues, financial incapacity and ill-health processes.

Assists practitioners and line managers to manage reviews and follow-ups, as well as to allocate tasks to avoid unacceptable situations from continuing.

erNavigator Dispute Resolution


This module manages processes from any dispute resolution forum, including voluntary processes such as conciliation and formal processes such as as arbitration, labour court and other litigation.

Cloud Corporate generates all legal case bundles and documentation thus eliminating the need to search for evidence and compile documentation manually.

erNavigator Union Wage Negotiations

Union & Wage Negotiations

This module assists in setting up workplace forums and committees that are linked to the relevant unions and union members.

It manages collective bargaining agreements and enables practitioners to record positions and outcomes, set up tasks, issue documentation and minutes.

erNavigator Conflict Management Grievance Harassment

Grievance & Harassment

This module manages grievances, sexual harassment complaints, general complaints and tip offs.

Cloud Corporate automatically manages the case stages and line manager escalations. Employees can raise grievances and complaints online, bypassing the need for the usual paper-based manual processes.

erNavigator Ethics


This Module assists in the collection, management and reporting of ethics breaches in accordance with relevant legislation. Benefits include: ​

  • Increased risk awareness.
  • Decreased liabilities.
  • Improved compliance.
  • Identified risk patterns and trends.
erNavigator Operational Requirements

Equal Employment Opportunities

Compliance with federal Equal Employment Opportunity law is a must in today’s regulatory environment. However, the complex management steps surrounding reporting, documentation, and follow-up on EEO cases can quickly create critical bottlenecks. This module overcomes these challenges

erNavigator Operational Requirements

Section 189 Processes

This module manages retrenchment and downsizing processes in accordance with applicable labour legislation, taking into account the role that unions may have to play in the process.

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