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Our solution is radically different by design

Providing a complete packaged best practice labor relations operating model comprising people, process, technology and knowledge on one powerful cloud platform.


Empowering users irrespective of their level of labor relations knowledge and experience.


Country-specific pre-defined best practice labor relations processes.


  • Digital case management.
  • Pre-defined automated workflows.
  • Productivity features.

Country-Specific Labor Relations Knowledge

  • Law summaries.
  • Rules & regulations.
  • Guidelines & tips.
  • Checklists & forms.
  • Case law.


Empowering users irrespective of their level of labor relations knowledge and experience.


Country specific pre-defined best practice labor relations processes


  • Digital case management
  • Pre-defined automated workflows
  • Productivity features

Country specific labor relations Knowledge

  • Law summaries
  • Rules & regulations
  • Guidelines & tips
  • Checklists & forms
  • Case law

The erNavigator platform allows the implementation of digital best practice labor relations quickly and cost effectively across an entire organization.


With the erNavigator operating model you can

  • Digitize and automate labor relations processes
  • Report on all activity, in real time at the touch of a button
  • Empower end users to make the right decisions, follow the correct processes, complete all the required tasks and comply with all policies and the law.
  • Maintain control and compliance across the entire organization

Selecting the erNavigator operating model will

  • Limit implementation time
  • Reduce the cost of ownership
  • Provide a guaranteed path to success
  • Offer immediate access to best practice processes
  • Promote visibility and transparency whilst safeguarding employee information

The erNavigator operating model will help you ensure

  • Processes are consistent and compliant
  • Risks are minimised
  • Administrative costs are reduced
  • Fair and equitable treatment of employees

Country specific best practice labor relations
knowledge base and processes.

South Africa

South African legal content
provided and updated by Bowmans

Cloud Security

erNavigator Cloud Pro is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which has the highest security and privacy features possible, and conforms to all global security standards.
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Data Protection

Compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy.
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