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erNavigator Cloud Pro

Cloud Pro is for small to medium-size businesses.

Cloud Pro is innovative and cost effective online HR software for labour relations, designed and regularly updated by leading experts, to help you manage labour relations cases online from start to finish without the assistance of labour lawyers.

The system guides you to carry out all the required steps and tasks online. It assists with making decisions, highlights the relevant legal and policy information, generates all the compliant documentation and always directs you to comply with policies and the law.

Our labour relations management software replaces all paper-based activities, which are traditionally disjointed, non-compliant and inconsistent.


erNavigator is compliant with Labour Law, and is configurable for your company’s disciplinary code and policies.

Best practice

erNavigator includes tried and tested best-practice processes and documentation developed over many years working with a diverse group of clients, leading labour lawyers and professional HR certification bodies. We regularly update these methods whenever labour law and practice change.


No more wasting time and money looking for advice and searching for information.

No more poor decisions due to limited labour relations knowledge and experience.

No more outdated paper-based processes and spreadsheets.

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Everything you need to manage your cases is available at your fingertips.

  • Country-specific best practice processes and tasks.
  • Continuous monitoring of policy and legal compliance, consistency and fairness.
  • Country and industry specific checklists and forms, guidance and tips, rules and regulations and law summaries automatically delivered online to you.
  • Country-specific legally compliant forms automatically pre-populated with case details.
  • Meaningful reports and cases information available at the click of a button.
  • Email reminders and prompts.

As a cloud solution, erNavigator is cost-effective, easy to access, user-friendly and secure. With country specific pre-defined best practice configurations, it’s quick and easy to get going.

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Watch the system in action

Experience the unique benefits of erNavigator Cloud Pro

Watch the system in action



  • Manage formal and informal cases and appeal processes, suspensions, investigations and inquiries.
  • Progressive discipline, policy and legal compliance and consistency are all automatically monitored and managed.


  • Manage employee ill-health and performance-related issues, including reviews, action plans and follow-ups.
  • Record objectives and allocate tasks to avoid unacceptable situations from continuing.


  • Manage grievances, harassment and discrimination claims, complaints and tip-offs.
  • Record case stages, escalations and outcomes.

Litigation and mediation

  • Manage Litigation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and Tribunals.
  • Compile online case bundles and generate pre-populated compliant documentation.


  • Manage retrenchmnet, downsizing, redundancy and sale of business processes.

Cloud Security

erNavigator Cloud Pro is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which has the highest security and privacy features possible, and conforms to all global security standards.
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Data Protection

All erNavigator’s labour relations management software is compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy.
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Client Testimonials

I had very little confidence making the right labour relations decisions until Cloud Pro guided me
Richard Lurie, CEO Cell Network

We had a problem managing the complexities of misconduct and poor performance cases, until we started using Cloud Pro

Wayne Dinner, Ben Jacobs Iron and Steel (Pty) Ltd

It was hard to keep up with changing labour relations laws without Cloud Pro

Ran Loupo, Gold Capital

Keeping track of all our Labour relations cases was difficult, case files and evidence went missing and preparing reports was a manual and time consuming exercise, until we started using Cloud Pro

Jeff Wapnick, CEO City Properties (Pty) Ltd

Running paper based labour relations processes was not effective since we have many branch offices. Cloud Pro resolved all the issues

Brian Bank, Partner Mazars

No one really knew when it comes to labour relations what to do and when to do it, now we all know exactly what to do using Cloud Pro and we don’t have to use expensive attorneys and consultants

Chezi Michaeli, CEO Paras and Soho Carpet Distributors

Smart Labour Relations Through Innovation.

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