Peace of mind security embedded
into erNavigator Cloud

Data Protection

Compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy and security

Cloud Corporate employee relations software includes several techniques to enhance data protection these include;

  • Encryption – renders the data unintelligible to any person who is not authorized to access the data.
  • Privileged user access control – Control over users who have access to personal data.
  • Fine-grained access control – ensures that personal data is accessed selectively and only for a defined purpose
  • Data Minimization – The collection and retention of personal data is limited as much as possible.

Cloud Security

erNavigator Cloud Corporate is hosted on microsoft Azure. The tightest security and privacy features possible are embedded into Azure and the systems are completely transparent, so you know how your data is accessed, stored and kept secure.

Azure conforms to all global security and compliance standards.

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Enterprise – Grade Security

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