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Labour Relations DREaM

Digitise, Report, Empower and Monitor

erNavigator The Case File

Digital Case Files and Automated Processes

View the electronic case file and access all the relevant case information and evidence. View how erNavigator guides you step by step to follow compliant, consistent and legally defensible actions.

erNavigator Reporting and Analysis

Reporting & Analytics

View the erNavigator powerful reporting and analytics functionality.

Empowering End-Users and Line Managers

View how the erNavigator guides end users to make legally defensible decisions. Follow the correct processes and complete all the required tasks.

Monitor and Manage Policy & Legal Compliance in Real Time

View how the erNavigator monitors and manages compliance across the entire organisation in real time.

erNavigator Starting A Case

Starting a Case

View the simplicity of starting a case by an end user or via case auto triggers.

erNavigator Productivity Tools

Case Tracking VS
Proactive Case Management

View the benefits of best practice processes.

Available Integration Opportunities

View all the integration opportunities available with the erNavigator.