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How to select the most effective cloud software to digitise your labour relations processes.

Many organisations have by now successfully digitised many of their HR processes including their employee records, payroll and recruitment with all these processes now being carried out more efficiently and effectively online

However, arguably some of the most complex and risky HR processes in any organisation are it’s labour relations activities, which unfortunately have lagged in the race to be digitised Many line managers, human resource personnel, and other stakeholders, are still carrying out these important labour relations tasks manually.

The Business Case for the erNavigator.

Most labour relations departments are looking to empower themselves and their organisations with technology that improves both process quality and efficiency.

With this objective in mind, search will reveal that the services & functionality available on the erNavigator labour relations intelligent digital platform is acknowledged as a cost-effective leading enterprise grade solution that will successfully meet labour relations needs and objectives.

Moving Away from Manual ER Processes & Recording Outcomes After-the-Fact.

Manual labour relations processes are costly and risky and recording outcomes after the fact offers no business value. Learn how automating and standardizing all labour processes with erNavigator will benefit your organisation.

Ensuring ER Consistency, Compliance and Fairness.

Learn how erNavigator can ensure consistency, compliance fairness and transparency across your entire organisation.

Empowering Line Managers and HR/ER Teams.

Learn what unique features erNavigator provides to empower your Line Managers and Labour Relations Teams that support best practice.

Labour Relations Reporting that Allows for Proactive Management.

Having up to date information is crucial to quickly identify and report on adverse trends so that proactive actions can be taken. Learn how erNavigator can move your organisation from reactive to proactive management.

Helping Industries Improve Productivity.

Learn how erNavigator can simplify the management of absence without leave by linking each instance directly to the remedial action taken, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Delivering Solutions for Multinational Organisations.

Learn how erNavigator can standardize and automate processes across geographically spread operations with differing languages and legislation.

7 Questions to Consider when Buying an ERMS Solution.

Learn why erNavigator leads Labour Relations software solutions with implementations in 27 countries across a broad range of industries and over 14 years of experience.

The Pitfalls of Building a Labour Relations Solution.

Investment decisions are tough. Learn why investing in an erNavigator solution is far more effective then building your own solution.